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Hey there, first legacy after years of reading them (since I only just got a computer that can actually play the Sims). So forgive all the rubbishness you're going to see in these first few updates - I'm still learning. I particularly apologise for the picture quality (I'll see if I can adjust the settings) and my never, ever remembering to put the walls up. Okay, apologies out of the way, let's go!

Meet Chiara Carrara, our founder, whose name was specifically chosen to annoy people trying to say it out loud.
She's a Pleasure Sim whose LTW is to be Professional Party Guest.
Her Turn-ons are Grey Hair and Fitness. Her turn off is stink.
She is:
5 points Neat.
7 points Outgoing.
5 points Active.
3 points Playful.
5 points Nice.
And 100% reason to remember the name.

Some closer shots.

And this is her legacy shack. You'll notice we're too poor to afford a door or roof. Whatever, I haven't installed seasons yet, it's fine.

It with the walls down, so you can see the bare modicum of furniture.

So the first thing she did was... just stand around for ages really creepily.

So I sent he to have lunch, not because she was hungry but because I wanted her to do something.

We're too poor to afford a sink, so instead she throws out her crockery, which strikes me as incredibly wasteful.

While she was wasting perfectly good china dammit, she saw Darren Dreamer and said hello.

It didn't go so well.

Chiara: Cleaning consoles me!

You might notice a couple of trends over the course of this update.

Welcome Wagon arrived! Howdy folks!

This was an odd gathering, because at all times there had to be one person just standing there creepily not talking to anyone. See Fig. 1.

See Fig. 2. (also, things are not going any better with Holden than they did with Darren)

See Fig. 3. - now it's my founder you're all ignoring, great.

AND A FIGHT. This happens every time my Sims move anywhere, I swear to god. There has to be a fight in the welcome wagon.



Anyway, Chiara had to go to the toilet.
People: *dum de dum de dum*
Chiara: Um. Guys?

She also went to take a shower, and this guy (Bob, his name is) decided to linger around like a creeper

Once she got out of the shower, he was not impressed with her opinions on roadsigns.

So he started poking her repeatedly.

Okay this sequence of images is deceptive. It looks like he just poked her and she cried and that was it. Instead what happened was, he kept poking her, and I kept trying to make her (tell him to fuck right off) "say goodbye" to him, but she kept cancelling out the action to cry, which would give him time to poke her again, so she'd cry again and AGH

Anyway I eventually got her out by sending her to bed. TAKE THAT, MEAN OLD DUDE.

Okay, I know Chiara's LTW is in the Slacker career, but I enlisteded her in the military anyway because a) there were no jobs in the newspaper for the Slacker career, and she couldn't wait, she needed money ASAP (we're too poor for a door, let alone a computer) b) it paid better.

Back from work, reading the paper...

Okay so a dude called asking her to go downtown (I don't think she'd ever met him before), and I decided we needed to find some elligible man-meat, and also she was in serious fun desperation, so she agreed...

...but then for some reason my controls fucking disappeared so I couldn't make her go, and she was in such fun desperation she cancelled the action, so we accidentally stood that dude up. Oops.
So then I called her her own taxi, because goddamnit Chiara do I have to do everything for you?

We went to the fifties diner, because I remembered there was music there and Sims like to dance right?

Okay Chiara spent all her time playing pinball, but whatever, as long as she's not breaking down on me we're good

Meanwhile, I scoped the room for her. Quite nice, though in desperate need of a makeover.

Generic, but might clean up alright.

HELLO PRETTY!! (...could do with less makeup. But still pretty)

Chiara: [ignoring me] Gee whiz, pinball sure is super!
She's getting into the spirit of things.

So I had her scope the room, and she was into Monsieur Generique here. I tried starting a conversation.
...Seriously, Chiara, do you just repell men?

...Oh, okay, it's cool. They can talk about math. Trigonometry. I fuckin' hate trigonometry.

I also had her take some dorky photobooth selfies, because why not?

D'awww, what a cutie.

Home time!

First thing she did.

Since Downtown was mostly a bust on the other-23-chromosones front, we rang up the match maker.

We had about 90 dollars, and Chiara sacrificed 40 of it to the matchmaker. She wasn't impressed. Hey, check your privilege. We don't all earn thousands of dollars a day from exploiting our fellow human beings' desperation for love.

So we got... um...

Maybe he has a nice personality?


Guy: *creeping McCreepleson*
(I remember him having this awesome but incredibly hard to spell name, but not what it actually was)


Yeah, that din't really pan out.

Remember Bob, that dude that poked her and made her cry at the beginning? Yeah, she dreams of him like every night. With the hearts and everything. They have 2 bolts of chemistry.

And he calls her almost every day.

Chiara: Reading is important because it's the only way to keep my fun bar up that I'm not too poor for.

Me: Why don't books cost money in the Sims again?
Chiara: Shh, you'll jinx it.

She also cleans, which doesn't seem to boost her fun bar but she does it constantly anyway. Should I be worried?

More calls from Bob.

So she decides to call him and invite him over, if they're so desperate to make amends.

(oh, and I painted the walls this mustard colour because Chiara was nearing environment desperation and it was cheap, but changed it in like 5 seconds when I realised I hated it)

Amends made.

Amends... well...

Amends very well made indeed.

And then Chiara immediately jumped out of bed to stress about how messy/ugly the house is. A+ ruining the moment.

So I let her clean to make her feel better. *shrug*

Chiara: I feel like I've washed away all my troubles!
Good for you, dear.

Okay so she had an instant meal for breakfast one morning, which was not nearly instant enough because she couldn't finish it before she had to go...

...so she put it on the bench, so when she came home and wanted lunch she couldn't put it there, so I had to move the thing out of the way to be thrown out later...

...except once the bench was free, she put it down and just started walking away! So I had to turn her around and make her eat something, for god's sakes.

Oh, and I bought a roof.

She called Bob again. *shrug* She doesn't have a telly, what else's she gonna do?

She looks pleased to see him. He... looks a little unsure.

Okay, she wanted to ask a sim on a date (which you can't see here, because my actual printscreen button doesn't work for some reason? I can only use the story editor thing) so we asked Bob on one right here, right now.

I think it went well. :)

Although Chiara leapt out of bed like a split-second later for no reason I can see, which was weird.

kay, you can't really see here because I am rubbish at capping things, but he agreed to move in! Yeah, I've selected him as a baby daddy because... well, he's not terrible looking, he'll die pretty soon so I should have a chance to move on to some more genetic diversity, I know for a fact he has moolah (because I cheated the fuck out of that family), and he's the only person with whom Chiara has managed to build an actual relationship.
(He's also part of a household that is meant to be a whole group of people, so moving him out of there kind of ruins it, but he looks nothing like the person he's meant to be anyway so *shrug*)

He brought us $30,000 (honestly, I feel like he could have brought more) and basically all that money was spent on the non-rubbishing of the house. It's an important stage of development in every legacy. I feel like a grown up now.
And on that note, we will leave things for now! Be sure to tune in next week (or the week before, or the week after, or... honestly I have no idea. A time. Tune in at a time)!


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Nov. 7th, 2014 08:34 am (UTC)
Chiara is cute!

I suggest downloading a screencapping program to take better pictures. I use Gadwin Printscreen, which is freeware (available at gadwin.com). I like it because I can just set it to take a screencap whenever I hit the hotkey and it automatically saves it to a folder without interrupting my game, and I have it set so it makes a camera shutter noise so I can be sure that it actually took the screencap.

Also, if you don't have it yet, GunMod's Camera Mod is really great for taking closeup shots or low-to-the-ground shots (good for when you have toddlers). You can get that here: http://modthesims.info/download.php?t=97642
Nov. 7th, 2014 08:51 am (UTC)
Thank you!

I did find the bit in the settings that allowed me to make the pictures bigger and higher quality (though I'm a little bit ahead in the game than what you see here, so you won't actually see any improvement 'til 2.1, oops) but that will be super helpful for wants and dates and promotions and things, so thank you!! :D (still don't know why the normal print screen button doesn't work though. Hmm.)

That also sounds super helpful, since at the point of the game I'm at she already has a toddler. Thanks so much for your advice. :)
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