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The Carrara Legacy: Gen 1.2

Hey, kind of short update this time, but an important one, so. And I promise, this is the last time we have such terrible picture quality.


Bob, you live here now, that's really not necessary.

Chiara: By the way, I like rubbing lamps. ;)

Good to know.

[creeps creepily]

I feel like these dreams are good omens.

Though Bob tends to wake himself up from them at 2AM to do random stuff.

Like play piano.

I decided Chi should start skilling for promotions, since...

We're having a baby! It is a legacy challenge after all.

So Bob, the romance Sim, invites over someone he used to live with while his wife's away at work. IT'S NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE.

Bob just needs another friend to get a promotion, I invited over the highest ranked person in his relationships thingy that he wasn't already friends with, and it was this guy, Malcolm. Guess what this household was meant to be. Guess. And he brought along Mortimer Goth, for whatever reason.

Seems promising...

Okay I seem not to have gotten a cap, but they did become friends at some point, trust me.

Well fuck.

It could have been worse though, since all he took was the chair from the computer. Not the computer itself, just the chair.

There was a lady called Louisianna walking by... this sounds like a country and western song... And our Chiara went 'n invited her inside / She helped herself silly to some of our chilli (okay no that's a limerick) / and... made barffaces because it was all burnt and gross. (so that didn't really work)

So Bob got home from work, and I saw something in his queue: "Age Progression."

Oh no no no no no.

Poor baby. :< Why did I think this was a good idea again?

Goodbye Bob. And in tribute...

Do you have any idea how many pictures of him playing piano I didn't show you?


She still dreams of him. It's okay, we'll find you another man! Eventually.

She buries her pain in trashy romance novels.

I also redid the kitchen, because her environment kept dropping whenever she walked in there and I presumed it was because we still had the old cheapo furniture.

So remember that generic guy Chiara was into Downtown? Yeah, I had her call him up. What, her biological clock is ticking.

She kept coming back to children's toys. I think she was thinking my way.

Okay I was just about to send her to the toilet and then to bed, when I caught her making an strange expression (you can't really see it here. Just work with me.)

Well that explains it!

It's a boy, Julian, with Chiara's hair colour (though it could be Bob's as well, since we only knew him as an elder), Bob's eye and skin colour.

And about a split second later he gets dumped in the crib because she really does need to sleep.

And here, with mother and child both resting peacefully, is where we will leave it for now.


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