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Carrara Legacy: Gen 2.1

Look, my graphics aren't completely awful anymore! So that's the good news, the bad news is, I'm an idiot who took way to many pictures without remembering to organise them. So if things are a bit short and choppy for a couple of updates, er, that's why.

1.1 | 1.2

So, last time, Chiara had a baby, Julian. And look! Non-awful graphics!

A quick feed, and then...

Back to the crib.

Momma has to hire a nanny after all. So, what's this nanny l--


Er. Sorry love.

Anyway, this is the nanny. Playing our videogames, because what else does anyone who comes to our house do. She's actually reasonably competent, though you can't see it here, which is a relief. (Her name is Karen, I think.)

Of course.

Jesus christ it's spreading

Anyway, Chiara needed body points for a promotion, so i sent her to work out


That you a--

...u ok luv

So, back to the matchmaker, because she's not getting any younger dammit

I can't remember how much we volunteered to the greedy capitalist succubus this time, but we got this guy.

OKAY THIS WAS THE MOST ANNOYING THING EVER. He had the want to be tickled by her throughout the whole date, and I finally got their relationship up to the point where she could, and then HE REJECTED IT FOR NO REASON WHATSOEVER.

Apart from that, this is what mostly happened on their date. It could have gone better all in all.

...Something may have been forgotten about along the way.

So since that was a bust, we moved onto the next thing: soliciting! waiting around outside and seeing if any good breeding material walks by.

see, that's the spirit!

(this didn't really work out though, because I remembered she needed to eat before anyone came by *sigh*)

And because I'm an idiot who never remembers to pay the bills, repo-man dropped by.

All he took was the easel and one of the chairs from the kitchen, which, given we only have 2 people in the house (one of whom is a baby) and we've never actually used that easel, could have been worse

~you can tell by the way I use my walk, I'm a woman's man, no time to talk~

So Chiara invited Herr Generik over, who I think I should tell you, is called Colin.

Colin turned into a douchenozzle though, because of course he did.

No really, does this house have some anti-dude feng shui? Why does this keep happening?!

Julian became a toddler! A toddler with some evil-ass eyebrows, whoa. Are those what Chiara's eyebrows look like under all that hair? (...that does sound like a fun family trait to try and keep across generations)

Jules loves the xylophone. Don't know why, but it keeps him happy.

Chiara brought a friend home from work! Chiara made a friend! But, Chi... I'm not sure. I mean, he has no upper lip.

And he talks to windows with your son's teddy bear. That's kinda weird?

Well that resolves the issue.

Chiara returns to the matchmaker, and gives her about a thousand dollars. YOU WIN, INSTRUMENT OF BOURGEOIS OPPRESSION.

Hey, this guy! I see this guy round all the time! He's not too bad.

What are these? Positive interactions?
It cannot be!


So funnily enough, the date itself was only okay, but like five seconds after it ended they went to bed with absolutely no say on my part. Their relationship was like, 50/2. But by all means, go ahead! Jesus christ Chi, you found a dude who actually likes you! :D



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